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The continuum of planes which create INFINITY RINGS are inspired by the “Moebius Strip,” first formulated by the 19th century German mathematician and astronomer, A. F. Moebius. The rings have no beginning and no end. The bottom side becomes the topside and the inside becomes the outside. Touch any place on a ring with your finger and trace the circular form; you will complete the circle and end up where you started. The continuum is also the same principle on which the artist M.C. Escher based many of his creative works in which he explored reversals of positive and negative forms in space.

The construction of these sculptures is the result of years of investigating diverse processes. After many failures, I developed a painstaking method of building a hollow ceramic continuum. Each ring is unique in its creation. As the INFINITY RINGS can sometimes collapse during the building process or implode during kiln firing, their creation is both costly and time consuming. Thus, they are not only innovative and unique, each ring is a rare creative achievement. Experimenting with a variety of materials, I have added aluminum, steel, Lucite, bronze, glass, tile mosaic, and fiberglass as mediums to express the INFINITY RING. Each material adds another dimension to the expression of the spirit of the ring.

In terms of ancient Feng Shui principles, the circular nature of the INFINITY RING promotes infinite abundance, harmony, serenity and healing. The INFINITY RING is a vehicle for me to explore the creative process. Through this artistic vision my intention is to reveal universal and deeply personal truths. The INFINITY RINGS are where art and spiritual growth interconnect. Each feeds off the other, in a never ending cycle of overcoming artistic obstacles and creating inner growth.

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